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Diesel Store


Tecas 15

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Zafiro 1202


Vittorio Forti


Ailes House

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Tesis Jacobo


Sierra Paracaima


Contorno Store




Casa Las Villas


Laredo 17

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Cholula 90

The volumetric composition, seen from the facade, and its basic structure made from geometric planes defines the two housing volumes and the private street in between them.

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Celaya 6

The firm?UR(TM)s first building in ?URoeLa Condesa?UR? is located in a very long but narrow piece of land and its composed by two volumes that are articulated by a third volume which holds the services and its located in the center of the site.

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Parral 67

This 2008 WAF nominee is made up of two volumes organized by a central axis derived from a preexisting tree and a central organizational patio.

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Laredo 21

Located adjacent to Archetonic?UR(TM)s ?URoeLaredo 17?UR?, this project arises as a third volume which is derived from the previous?UR(TM) building trace and rhythm.

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Laredo 8

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The concept behind this housing building is based on the interplay between volumes, solids, voids and material sincerity.

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The composition between volumes derived from two perpendicular axes which serve as entries and vegetated area that helps filter visuals between apartments.

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Marquis Los Cabos Hotel

In the aftermath of hurricane Odile, Archetonic remodels the hotel they previously designed over a decade before. In order to revitalize it, its iconic lobby and exterior areas were redesigned, giving them a fresher and more contemporary character.

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Río Danubio

Simple solutions and a subtle combination of aluminum, glass, concrete and ironworks resume the efficient simplicity of this project.

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Nuevo León 58

It?UR(TM)s privileged location in front of the ?URoeParque España?UR? rules the conception of this building in which the openness of the apartments and the introduction of the green environment unto them were the prime objectives.

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A subtle composition of lines defines and lightens the constructed volume. An effect that is accentuated at night when the lighting of the apartments remarks the interplay of planes.

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Vita e Mare




Vita Polanco

Starting from the orthogonal geometry of the land, this project takes the shape of an almost perfect square, responding to the corner with slight diagonal gestures emphasized by light.

Marquis Veracruz

A geometry that embraces the ocean is the design concept behind this mixed-use complex with hotel and residences which is located in one of the up and coming beaches in Veracruz.

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One and once

Montes Urales

The layout of this corporate building (located in one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City) was designed to prioritize the views and the entrance of natural light into all of the interior spaces.

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Insurgentes 1032

With 5 office floors and a double height for the commercial spaces in the ground floor, this project produces an interplay with the geometry of the site to generate an iconic glass chamfer with views to ?URoeInsurgentes?UR?.

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Secretaría de Marina

Mariano Escobedo

Faro Satélite

Casa Luanda

Green 360

Ha' Petempich

This iconic hotel was design from the concepts of intimacy, freedom and harmony and was conceived as an optimal interplay of volumes and a wise use of local materials.

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Palmas House

This remodeling includes two independent residential units of tranquil and luminous environments located in a well-known residential area in Mexico City.

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This mixed-use complex located in Puerto Peñasco, a mostly American tourist zone, proposes all the residential and commercial commodities to residents and tourists alike.

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Shanghai Pavillion

This proposal for a pavilion in the 2010 Shanghai EXPO emphasizes the cultural and natural richness of our country as well as the diversity of our present and its projection for the future.

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Cancun House

Located in a privileged environment full of vegetation and nature, it is proposed as a modular concrete system that is capable of adapting to the user?UR(TM)s needs.

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These spaces were designed to be very open in order to receive natural light and ventilation as well as prioritize the views without neglecting climate control and privacy.

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Lago de Guadalupe

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The concept behind this design was to create and promote the views with an interplay of retracting volumes that generate terraces

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Coco café y Spa Marquis Los Cabos

The use of wood and stone in this space promotes relaxation and rest as well as acoustic control.

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Academy of Arts

Relating to a lighthouse, this building rises as a landmark in the Insurgentes roundabout with the intent of revitalizing the cultural panorama and the urban and social expression of the site.

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803 Mild

?URoeLess is more?UR? is the premise for the intervention in this apartment, where combining three seemingly opposite materials (wood, marble and granite) a well-studied color palette is generated, achieving a personal and modern equilibrium.

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A fusion between Asian and Mexican cultures was proposed for the inteiors of this restaurant which is one of the many amenities in the Hotel Marquis los Cabos.

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Cancun Country Club

The relationship with the site and the respect for the natural context originate this project which integrates with its environment to offer an entrance to the golf fields of the Cancun Country Club and its real estate developments.

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PH Diamante

The main design concept was amplitude: to think the space as if it had no walls, seeking to introduce much natural light with a clean and elegant approach.

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Comercio 117

This intervention of a 1950?UR(TM)s warehouse is used as a raw material to shelter a new housing program.

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Now Vallarta

The curve geometry of this mixed-use complex seeks to embrace the sea, provoking a confluence between the project and the surrounding nature.

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Lobby Ciruelos

The use of wood and marble respectively give texture and elegance to the access of this corporate building.

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Openness and communication are the concept behind the design of this offices.

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Parallel Lives Monument

This piece was conceived and elaborated on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the opening and welcome of Mexico to the Jewish community.

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Izkor Monument

This monument seeks to share an experience and to empathize with the visitor, referring to a historical moment of anguish, cruelty and chaos as was the holocaust.

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This housing complex seeks to enrich the user's life by emphatically integrating vegetation and nature into the project.

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The use of clear shapes and a well-studied range of materials plus natural lighting, enhances the amplitude of this penthouse that overlooks Mexico City.

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Each of the 10 levels of this office buildings projects itself with a particularity that is reflected in the façade, creating a sense of stacking or overlapping of irregular volumes.

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GH Mild

The intervention in the interior of this apartment sought to create flexibility, amplitude and versatility by articulating the spaces around a central linear corridor.

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This housing complex arises from the exploration between the natural and artificial, a permanent duality in the relationship between man and his context which arises as a response to adaptation and shelter.

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Type Hotel

A modular system of rooms and common areas were designed to have all the necessary characteristics in order for this hotel to be replicable.

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Prototipos PI Advance

The relationship between horizontal, vertical and diagonal planes make up the entrance to this industrial park.

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Caballerizas SZ

Winner of an Honorable Mention in the American Architecture Prize (2016); this project bases its design in the necessities of its users ?UR" horses and riders ?UR" and the responsibility to a privileged natural environment.

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DH 2015

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Papalote Children´s Museum

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Lounge S

Designed for young adults, the use of concrete gives elegance while wood gives freshness, seeking to incite encounters in this space.

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From the top of a hill this housing project overlooks the city of Queretaro and simultaneously serves as a backdrop to it.

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Ferrocarril Avenue

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Hab P

Starting from a basic prismatic volume, there is a interplay in its stacking and its enclosures to generate a building with a random appearance.

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Play Center S

This project was designed as a home for children, where the colors and furniture create a free and playful space that allows them to explore and learn.

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Mixed-use complex which takes advantage of the particular geometry of the land and its strategic location to generate an iconic complex in the city of Guadalajara.

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Natural light and the privileged views to the city govern the composition of this 3 housing volumes, generating social green areas between them.

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La Miradora

This temporary urban installation made within the 2016 Abierto Mexicano de Diseñoc aims to break into the pedestrian's everyday life to show different perspectives of the city.

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USHUAÏA Cancun Beach Hotel

Its design achieves maximum solar use, views to the beach in every room and the best climate adaption to offer the best experience and maximum comfort to the user of this hotel and leisure complex located in Cancun.

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U 125

Starting from respecting the preexisting historical heritage this intervention and adaptation project is born to become the new headquarters of Archetonic.

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A glass monolith supported on a concrete wall which marks the entrance to this business center located in one of the most important streets in México City.

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Bike Rack

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SF 31

The interplay of colors and the apparent folding of the metal plaques that make up the facade give a special dynamism to this Project.

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As if it were a lookout, this mixed-use building aims to take advantage of its privileged location allowing every single level to have a 365 degree views all around the complex.

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The movement of the metal plaques in the façade generate many variable atmospheres inside and outside of the project.

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An office building designed for maximum spatial efficiency that is constantly bathed in natural light thanks to a bidirectional glass that produces a very interesting texture.

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Taking the respect for historical heritage as the premise for this project, a sleek and light building was designed to hover over the preexisting construction leaving a space between them that emphasizes the old.

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The interplay of vertical planes of different materials and opacities contains, seeks and orients the visuals between the different spaces.

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Cabos Residences

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Casa CZ

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This project is designed based on an interplay of rectangular prisms that causes open and closed spaces which receive their elegance from the granite and concrete from which they are made of.

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Midrash Olivos

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H Vallarta

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This apartment building is located in the district Hipodromo Condesa and offers itself as an oasis to enjoy it.

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This urban development is in one of the new areas of growth in the city of Puebla, offering an exemplary solution of integrating a complex mixed-use program with a construction that?UR(TM)s in harmony with its environment.

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CG House: Type B

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CG House: Type A

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M Apartment

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Second Section Bosque Chapultepec

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Cabo Santa Carmela

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