21,527 sq ft.


In process


This project takes place above an old house located in the heart of Polanco, a can’t miss Mexico City neighborhood with great history but in constant transformation and development. Definitely a very prestigious area of the city, facing Chapultepec Park and Paseo de la Reforma Avenue.

Because of the esthetic and urban value of this old house it is considered as a law-protected site. To intervene with a new proposal is only possible through following a special procedure in which experts in the matter evaluate the technical and conceptual viability of the proposal. Our project is already approved and ready to kick off construction soon.

The slim building considers adding 1,550m2 distributed in 10 stories above the old house, leaving a 7-meter-high gap as a sign of courtesy and respect. With clean, angular, inclined, and variant surfaces, the building embraces the old house.

With the idea of sharing its value and finally opening this privately owned, currently non-accessible house, to the city and citizens, its program will be commercial and permanently open to the public, while the housing units above will remain private.

The left lateral façade wall opens when its height reaches the adjacent housing building in order to let light all the way in to the habitable spaces.

The structural challenge was no easy task. On the first hand we had to consider the restructuration of the house’s old foundation without damaging its actual state. The problem becomes even more complex when you put into the equation the new building’s foundation. Luckily, with the support of one of Mexico’s best structural design companies, the structure and foundation design resulted viable.

There’s no doubt Polanco and Mexico City are going to be proud of this intervention, in harmony with its urban context which exists in continuous transformation.


Architectural Project:

Jaime Micha Balas + Jacobo Micha Mizrahi


Elihú Vázquez, Ernesto Rossell.


Elihú Vázquez, Aldo Moreno