Mariano Escobedo, Granada, CDMX




632,368 sq ft.




Mae is to be located on a zone in Mexico City that is growing quickly in terms of mixed-use development, due to its proximity to the Polanco neighborhood, the most prestigious in the city.

Our first concern while designing the building was not to design a big “glass monster” that denies the city. We managed to lift the lower left corner of the building, conceptually imitating a woman’s dress lift. It is through that peculiar space that the users access the office core and the commercial plaza which is partially underground but always receiving natural light.

The building’s footprint is determined in a way that it doesn’t affect its neighbors and urban context, respecting the land’s zoning regulations and foreseeing the correct input of natural light into the working spaces.

The building is resolved with a shifting transparency curtain wall façade with glass in 2 directions, perpendicular and parallel to the building. This results in a very interesting texture.

The vertical circulation core, floor plans, structure grid and façade system, were carefully arranged, with the intervention of specialized consulting firms, for maximum space efficiency as well as desirable environmental performance.

With 13 stories on a 3,700 m2 land, accessed form 2 different streets, our design accomplishes all the specifications for a world-class building, but most importantly, accomplishes a sexy encounter with the city, linking the exterior public area and the urban dynamics with our project.


Architectural Project:

Jacobo Micha Mizrahi + Jaime Micha Balas


Ernesto Rossell Zanotelli, Désireé Gómez Córdova, Antonio Chong Álvarez


Aguilar Ingenieros


Aldo Moreno Gamboa