JACOBO MICHA MIZRAHI (Mexico City, 1964)

Graduate from Anáhuac University’s School of Architecture (Mexico City, 1996).

Jacobo Micha founded the ARCHETONIC practice in 1991, building on his business vision developed while working for family businesses—a formative experience that taught him how to succeed with an independent firm.

The practice started out as a small office of just four people. Thanks to the interior design quality of their offices—combined with good business connections from his previous work—Micha began to design, develop and build interior design projects on commission and by recommendation.

Over time the work evolved from interior design commissions to architectural projects for housing and office spaces. In 1999, Micha began to see how clients’ decisions, rather than those pertaining to the original architectural concept, were affecting the final aesthetic quality of his projects. Therefore he decided to assemble a new team with a different profile, calling on investors to develop projects so that he could demonstrate his own approach and convictions about architecture.

In this way, the firm has so far designed, developed and built over 120 residential projects, business premises, as well as tourist and office premises. ARCHETONIC now employs over thirty professionals with extensive experience in designing master plans, real-estate developments, architectural projects, interiors and constructions.

The firm has received numerous national and international prizes such as the Cemex Building Award (Mexico), the World Architectural Festival WAF (England), Architizer (US), and the Marble Architectural Award (Italy).

“Archetonic / Jacobo Micha Mizrahi”—a book edited, published and distributed by Arquine—provides many details about Micha’s impressive professional career and shows twelve of his projects built between 2003 and 2009. Micha’s work has also been published in various specialist national and international media outlets, and he has frequently been invited as a speaker at several Mexican universities.