11 September 1964

Create because that brings you closer to God… turn up because that connects you to man… and then you can go beyond yourself.

Civil Engineer
18 October 1979

I think it would be fair to describe myself as indescribable… since any kind of description is tied to a verbal, logical and sensible description of something that cannot be categorized, understood and must less described… because by putting anything into a confined space, like into words, it begins to lose its essence. And at the end of the day, we are only dust in the wind.

“Life is not a dress rehearsal.. So sing, laugh, cry and live intensely every moment of your life… Before the curtain goes down and the play ends without applause.”

Charles Chaplin


21 October 1988

Hopelessly passionate, sometimes to the point of obsession. I avoid limiting my thoughts to what we call reality and I usually steer clear of the obvious.

“Everything could have been anything else and it would have had just as much meaning.” Nemo Nobody


1 March 1970

I think that many people have power, but few of us have the power to affect people through our work. The architect visualizes, considers, processes and designs, directly influencing people’s daily lives.

“The media look for stars. A prominent figure in the architecture. Although a project is made by many people working as a team, the result is attributed to a single person.” -Rem Koolhaas

Public Accountant
16 September 1975

Forever thankful.

“Violence is the fear of the ideals of others.”


General Assistant
1 noviembre de 1962


3 September 1973

I find satisfaction in finding the solution even when it seems impossible. I am single-minded and I persevere until reaching my goal. Apathy makes me sad, it kills me.

“If you want different results, don’t do the same thing over and over again.”
Albert Einstein


Architect by profession, a musician at heart, writer by conviction and crazy by nature.

"Abstraction as a balm for the soul." -Alfredo Muñoz

Architect and Engineer
16 May 1965

Devoted to my passions.

“It is a most mortifying reflection for a man to consider what he has done, compared to what he might have done.”

Samuel Johnson


Public Accountant
19 March 1979

Dedicated, committed, hard-working. I do not cave in under pressure; I see obstacles as challenges for my personal and professional growth.

“The greatestgloryin living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Nelson Mandela

16 October 1966

A good friend and colleague, someone you can trust. A bit of a dreamer. “Difficult, but not impossible.”

"Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.”
Bob Marley


21 December 1979

Always happy and optimistic, pleased to work in a team and learn new things.

“Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amid the storm.”

8 July 1980

Always thinking up ideas and creating… Never limiting my imagination.

"You don’t need to say things, you do them, because by doing them they speak for themselves.”

Woody Allen

Public Accountant
12 December 1976

Responsible, honest, sincere, inquisitive and optimistic. Prepared to fight for good causes. I love challenges and learning new things. I’m demanding of myself and of others.

“Thesimple thingsare also the most extraordinary things, and only the wise can see them.”

Paulo Coehlo


Accounting Assistant
17 November 1972

I’m an exceptional women. I always have something positive to say, I smile all the time and I’m hardly ever angry. I’m inquisitive and I love music and running.

“Always remember your past, but make the most of the present and dream of your future.”

Architect, Master’s Degree in Interior Design
7 December 1985

Honest, creative, sociable. Focused on developing goals and professional interests, with the firm conviction that knowledge of cultures and places nourishes the spirit.

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, It’s about what you inspire others to do.” -Anonymous

Graphic Designer
20 de Marzo de 1991

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance” - Coco Chanel


24 November 1967

Calm yet passionate, unafraid to speak the truth and open to new horizons.

"Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy".

15 January 1990

Passionate about architecture, always looking to learn new things through teamwork.

"The Difference between good and bad architecture is the time you spend on it" - David Chipperfield.

M. in Architecture
17 March 1979

Responsible, I like challenges and learning new things.

“I would give everything I know, for half I do not know” - René Descartes


23 April 1968

I am a dreamer , all the good that I have, I imagined it before.

“None of us is more important than the rest of us” - Ray Kroc.

Architect Engineer
10 July 1978

Naturalist, intuitive, and idealistic; the here and now is the premise in my life to enjoy the fragments that are part of my life; I am very conscious of the impact that such as has my existence which is why I am in constant search of balance, I am passionate about travel, eat, music, photography.

" Feet for that I want, if i have wings to fly " - Frida Kahlo.


13 March 1992

Dreamer in search of great achievements.

"You can't put a limit to anything. The more you dream, you further arrive".

30 January 1993

Joyful, enthusiastic, passionate about what I want. Lover of design, music and architecture.

“I don't think your ability to fight has anything to do with how big you are. It's to do with how much anger is in you.” -Amy Winehouse


26 October 1981

I consider myself responsible, hardworking and honest. I'm serious-looking but I like to have many friends.

Live day-to-daydía a día


11 January 1991

Experimenter in architecture, in life and in everything. If I tell you who I am, am I giving up to be everything else, if I tell you what I like, I'm missing from the rest. Better not to have something specific, in order to be able to possess what it is.

"If you want something done right, do it yourself"

6 May 1991

It is difficult to describe myself, not by complex but always try to be in constant change that anything that describes will convert to lie in the future.

"It is not enough to know, you must also apply. It is not enough to want, one must also make" - Goethe.

28 September 2001

Friendly, diplomatic, social, idealistic, peaceful, and optimistic; always from the bottom to the top.

"Be strong so that no one will defeat, noble so that no one will humiliate and yourself so that no one will forget" - Joaquín Guzmán Loera


23 January 1991

Creative, passionate and friendly.

"Life is a breath. It all ends. I say that after I die, other people will see my work. But these people also die…The immortality is a fantasy, a way to forget the reality. What matters is the life, the people. Embrace the friends, live happy. Change the world. And nothing more"- Oscar Niemeyer

Engineer Architect

15 February 1990

Dedicated and comitted to achieve all my goals.

“ If you take a step back, let it take momentum.”