Montes Urales


Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX




43,981 sq ft.




Montes Urales 727 is an office building located in one of the most exclusive business districts in Mexico City; built on an almost trapezoidal plot that is small for a building of this type, the project design was further complicated due to its frontage being short relative to its depth.

A glass rectangle encases the perimeter fins and cantilevered slabs that crown the top of the building are distinguishing aspects with clear lines emphasizing their stability and discretion. The overhanging slab that acts as a cover of the building has geometrically alternating subtractions that provide movement and fragility.

Given the plot’s complex layout, we chose to make one of the ramps movable, so that at certain times of day we can double the traffic flow, according to number of cars coming in and out of the building: in the morning, when cars arrive, the ramp can be raised to provide two vehicular entrances, and in the evening the ramp is lowered to provide two exit lanes.

The building has a ground-floor entrance lobby which leads to the service areas to the rear, a store, and six floors of office space. The penthouse has a double, open terrace, facing to the front and rear of the building, complying with the setback required by the local zoning regulations.

We used opaque, translucent materials help regulate heat, in addition to the aluminum fins that provide shade for the glass façades. Aluminum was used on the concrete slab roofs, as well as lattices, unifying the silver color scheme; sometimes this is expressed in claddings or lattices, and at other times as blind metal sheets wrapped around steel or solid metal structures.

Each floor is designed around the outer and overall lighting conditions throughout the building, ensuring that every space has natural light and views.

A motor lobby to the front of the building facilitates access by car; the lobby has white glass panels and zebra-patterned wood.


Architectural Project:

Jacobo Micha Mizrahi


Luis R González Villamil, Ernesto Rossell Zanotelli, Fernando Huesca Mota, Miguel Flores Aceves, Aldo Moreno Gamboa


CTC Ingenieros Civiles / Carlos Tapia


Archetonic / Omar Parra, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Fernando Reyes.

Technical Installations:



Tomas Casademunt, Héctor Velazco