Querétaro, México


656,964 sq ft

In progress


AMIRÁ occupies a prime location in the City of Queretaro, and overlooks it from the heights of the Diamante neighborhood. The distant surroundings are a visual complement to those nearby. The vantage point played an essential role in the design process and evokes a reciprocal relationship between the architecture and the city. The project footprint and volumetric solution encompass each residence and many amenities feature unobstructed views of the city.

Its strategic location includes proximity to schools, health care centers, hotels, and groupings of horizontal and vertical housing. Other plots have been earmarked for future design in view of the area’s potential.

With a little more than 260 residential units grouped in regular geometric blocks, the Amirá design ensures that they all feature natural lighting and ventilation, while certain models also feature balconies and terraces. The overlaid blocks blend with other groupings featuring more angular, porous and permeable geometry that is echoed in the common areas. The result is a formal delineation of the various uses and dynamics of each space. The expanse between the 19-story buildings become an interactive sphere between interior and exterior that grace AMIRÁ with a traffic flow that is unique to these types of complexes.

All of the traffic flows in the buildings, both vertical and horizontal, face the primary entrance route and are connected to the large access plaza and the parking area.

This façade features a formal solution that differs from the other, which faces the city, because each was designed in response to different circumstances and characteristics.


Architectural project:
Jacobo Micha Mizrahi + Jaime Micha Balas

Gustavo O´Farrill Ferro., Rodrigo Muñoz García, Alfredo Monterde Alarcón, Ricardo Martínez Mathey

Structural engineering:

Archetonic + GSEBI

ETRA, INRASA, CYVSA, Aníbal Gurría, Mitsubishi

CG Veron

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