Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico


600 m2



CASA TA'ANis a tourism and accommodation project located in one of the fastest growing and most developed areas of the Oaxacan coast, specifically in the area of Puerto Escondido.

With views of the Pacific Ocean and direct access to the beach, it is located in a subdivision in the Laguna Encantada, a low-density residential area. Because of this coastal boundary, the building occupies less than 35% of the land without any boundaries in the limits of its polygon, leaving free areas to relax and enjoy the sea.

The main design strategy is constituted by the definition of zones to locate the residential units so that they can have autonomy and privacy, while maintaining direct contact with the sea. To this end, we divided the land into parallel strips along the site, separated by high walls that limit the view between them, framing each one's view towards the sea. In each strip there are 2 residential units, one more private and the other more open to the ocean, but both with a terrace on top to enjoy the unobstructed view of the site.

The walls, despite their great height, are 60 cm detached from the ground in the common areas when approaching the coast, which gives them the appearance of floating, creating a strong contrast with a heavy aesthetic element that itself floats above the sand.

The housing units are inserted between the longitudinal walls, subtly separated from the sand, as apparent concrete blocks that give the complex a monumental character of timeless monoliths.


Architectural project:
Jaime Micha Balas + Alan Micha Balas + Jacobo Micha Mizrahi

Alejandro Navarro