Ethnobotanical Garden Chapultepec


CDMX, Mexico


Yard: 33,200 m2, Pavillion: 2,198 m2



Our proposal for this pavilion in Bosque de Chapultepec is to conceive an elementary building, low-cost in its construction and maintenance that could assure its persistence over the years. The pavilion is based and inserted on the pre-existence of a difference in levels between the site and the smaller lake.

The pavilion is designed as a simple and versatile space with an almost invisible character towards the site due to its surface covered with green species. Its built aspect cannot be distinguished, as if it had always been there. An interior space gifted with natural light and ventilation in direct contact with the adjoining forest space, perceiving its smell, sounds and living its essence from the interior space.

We placed the ethnobotanical sample on a platform linked to the ground, before the entrance to the pavilion, where the name of each species would be engraved in the concrete at the foot of where it is planted.

The years have erased and deteriorated the original traces of walkways conceived in 1932. We re-inscribe them in the territory, not only inside the new building, where the trace begins and ends, but throughout the length and breadth of the polygon alluding to the fusion and dialogue of the new with the old.

Our proposal considers and resolves the conservation of 100% of the existing trees and vegetation of the site. It is not necessary to cut down a single tree.


Urban planning, architecture and representation: ARCHETONIC Jacobo Micha Mizrahi, Jaime Micha Balas, Alan Micha Balas, Elihú Vázquez Tinajero Torres, José Antonio Chong Álvarez, Luis alberto Morelos Rodríguez, Luis Eduardo Lopez Santis. Urban planning, landscape architecture and representation: BURÓ VERDE Francisco Luna, Victor Ramirez, Rodrigo Meza, Paulina Ramirez. Historical analysis of endemic species and plant specification, recovery and enhancement of the cultural landscape: Saúl Alcántara, Greta Arlette Alcántara Matías, Raul Alcántara Matías. Urban planning and architecture: ARQMOV Eduardo Micha Mizrahi. Endemic species analysis and plant specification: Luisa Sandoval. Landscape architecture advice: Teobaldo Eguiluz Piedra. Water systems and conduits: CIPRO David Korenfeld, Leonardo Martinez, Gregorio Martinez, Oscar Hernandez.