Plaza Cataluña


Barcelona, Spain


50,000 m2



The proposed urban project for Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona is a holistic approach that considers various aspects such as historical, social, inclusive, ecological, and environmental sustainability.

The project aims to create a space that can be enjoyed and used for different activities and events, while also considering the post-COVID era and the need for open and clear possibilities for use.

The design of the Plaza features elevations that allow for visual and spatial connections, and it can be used for activities such as transit, visualizing, reading, feeling, and listening to events like concerts and fairs. Sinuous and sensual curves create new urban landscapes as safe spaces for its inhabitants and visitors. The use of the hive as a compositional and collective creation structure invites imagination and a sense of belonging.

In addition to its aesthetic value, the project's materiality includes organic elements and a natural wood surface with inclusive design for visitors. The plaza integrates harmoniously and aesthetically with its city context, with pedestrian traffic flowing smoothly and allowing for a human scale in relation to the buildings and the plaza. The proposal also considers mobility solutions and future connections with the inhabitants who will occupy this new creative option.

The project not only aims to revitalize the Plaza, but also establishes connections with its ecological surroundings while preserving the current trees, which are a testament to the endemic population. The proposal also includes additional trees for shade and comfort, and urban furniture is located in specific areas with consideration of shadow and wind studies.

The ecological integrity of the environment is a vital part of healthy and reciprocal human existence.


Architectural project:
Jacobo Micha Mizrahi en colaboración con Ivonne Catalina Sternberg + Felipe Sandoval.